Be More Productive, Not Just Busy - 4 Simple Ways

1. 20 percent of our efforts generate 80 percent of results.

Giving ourselves time to decide on the most important tasks to focus on each day and week allows us to identify the “needle moving activities”, the rest of the activities can be delegated, outsourced or ignored.

2. Focus

Some neuroscience studies have suggested that each time we change tasks we have a loss in productivity and time.
Multi-taking may cost us energy, time and productivity.

3. Be selective about what you decide is urgent

Most of our workdays are filled with unexpected, urgent and routine tasks that will keep us from our important tasks and activities.

4. Schedule breaks

Giving ourselves time to slow down our thoughts, relaxes the mind and in a relaxed frame allows new ideas and solutions to appear.
Take breaks like going for a walk or meditation.
Focus is the optimal state to get things done effectively. By focusing on the meaningful things we need to do, and doing those things well, we actually achieve more and, in the process, simplify our lives.