Ditch the overwhelm - get stuff done - save your time - and relax!

As a practitioner when I started out using social media, my biggest struggle was about what to start with posting about my business.

What would be the best topics to share and what would people be interested in hearing about, what would capture people's attention and what would help them most?

Then where to post this information? Which platform would be the best one to use in order to start to grow an audience.

And how was I going to do this everyday?

It all seemed quite overwhelming.

Here are my favorite ways to ditch the overwhelm :⠀⠀

  • First & foremost it is about getting organised and using a tools to help me to streamline everything as much as possible. Such as G Suite, Asana, Later, Canva.

  • Define my ideal client in detail- so I know who I am talking to. Then look at which platforms they are most likely to be on - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, You tube, Blogs?

  • Look for inspiration on other people's social media channels, who are in a similar profession to me. - Then keeping these inspirations in an organised file or project planner (I like to use Asana)

  • Make a list of topics based on my research and choose a day to sit down and batch write (or create videos of) the content I want to share with people.

  • Source some stock photos related to health and wellness, or Osteopathy etc...to mix in with some photos of myself to post on my platforms.

  • Create some designs to mix into my content to make it more appealing - I love Canva for this.

  • Research hashtags for my particular health and wellness niche, but looking at other successful practitioners or health clinics out there and what was working for them. Then creating a few different groups of hashtags to alternate between.

  • Then use a scheduling tool to automate posts to the various platforms, so that I can then focus on engaging (communicating) with individuals or groups of people who could be my potential clients. As well as having time to develop other areas of my business.
I am a practitioner who is also digital media savvy and I help other practitioners, health coaches, health and wellness business owners to leverage their online presence, so that they can save time, automate and scale their business, with the aim to help them help as many people as possible.

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