Do you prefer pleasure or pain?

Have you heard of Kensho and Sartori?

I heard about it first from listening to a Mindvalley lesson. It is the concept that we can grow in our life through pain or we can grow through insight.

Kensho is the growth through pain and Sartori is growth through insight. A Kensho moment maybe when a relationship ends, it can be painful, but it can make your heart stronger and learn more about yourself. Or if you have invested time and money in setting up a business and it fails, you have the opportunity to learn and grow from it and understand what to do and what not to the next time around.

A Sartori moment is more like a Eureka moment. When an insight comes to you in an instant from something you may have had from a book or a meditation or a seminar. A Sartori moment is pleasurable.

How many Kensho or Sartori moments have your grown from?

I know I have and quite often I used to let them get me down rather than looking at the positive growth aspect. But, more and more lately I am seeing the painful moments as opportunities to develop and grow myself and use them as indicators to make tweaks or changes.

One of the current Kensho moments I am undergoing is to with my beautiful Bali Animal Buddies and how much my time, my energy and my finances are required from me to keep them well. I have wanted in the past to do it all myself, I thought I could handle it, but found out the hard way that I just cannot!
Now I am letting go and taking on more employees and volunteers to take over various aspects, so that I can focus on my health and being able to keep the financial side of things covered as well as creating more time to find sponsors and adopters.

I am also applying this to my online business and listing where my efforts and energy are best focused and then looking at the best way I can outsource or team up with others. It is creating a really exciting new path ahead and speeding things up where I had felt blocked before. Sometimes we have to go through such discomfort, whether it be emotional or physical, to get to the point to where we realize it is ok to ask for help.

Please do feel free to share any Kensho or Satori stories of your own.

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