Who am I and what is Mind Body Social Media?

Since 2009 I have lived in Bali, Indonesia. I am an Osteopath, but in my earlier life have worked in software companies large and small as well as had a year of working for a TV post production company.

​In 2016, things changed dramatically for me after having been dumped with an enormous number of dogs and cats in Bali.

Being an animal lover, I put my heart, soul and money into taking care of more than 30 dogs and 20 cats and keeping them fed and healthy day to day - they have become my why and are pushing me forward out of my comfort zone and developing different aspects of my personality and business to find them sponsors or new homes.

​At the end of 2017, with energy and finances being squeezed, I started Bali Animal Buddies and created my Social Media accounts, in order to ask for help and find adopters from as many avenues as possible.

Rapidly realizing the benefits of Social Media Marketing, I have been blessed with donations, volunteers and adopters.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, there have been ups and downs, but when it really started to take off for me, was when I invested in myself with business coaching from experts who had already specialized in the areas I wanted to develop my online presence and businesses.

Just as practitioners or coaches, we ask others to invest in our services so that we can help and direct them with our knowledge to get better and reach their optimal health goals.

In 2018, I decided to spread the use of this knowledge and I have worked with businesses in the travel industry, health and wellness sector, equine coaching and business coaching to get their message out and grow their business by identifying and putting the right platforms and systems in place.

I have built courses and membership sites on Kajabi and New Zenler and launched them, set up ecommerce websites on Shopify, set up landing pages on various platforms, written copy for and set up automated email marketing campaigns and I know how to use organic and paid traffic for marketing.

It has a lot of learning, work, time and energy, but it puts me a great position to be able to help other practitioners and businesses in the health and wellness industry to take their online goals to the next level.

Are you wanting to grow your business via on your online presence using social media and digital marketing?

Perhaps you are starting out and not sure what platforms to choose and what kind of posts will interest your audience.

You might know everything it takes to get it done, but not know the right order or process to get there.

Or maybe you have a great plan, but there are elements you are overlooking without knowing it.

I want to make sure you have all the right sales and marketing systems in place for success to build the business you've been dreaming of. 

Book a free call today to see how we can get started together. I will be happy to talk to you about exactly how I can help your business thrive in the online environment and the next steps we can take together.