Download individual bundles of ready made social media templates designed and written by a health practitioner for businesses in the health and wellness industry.

We also offer Biz Kit Subscriptions, which will be sent to your inbox on a monthly basis, the subscriptions include:-

  • 30 ready made social media post and story templates, that you can download, brand as your own and post within minutes.

  • 30 days of post copy, researched hashtags related to this industry and a list of special calendar dates coming up to include in your posting schedule.

  • Community access where, as well as collaborating and networking with other people in your industry, we will be posting lessons, social media updates, interviews with experts, as well hosting as Q&A sessions in which you can ask questions about issues you are experiencing or successes you want to share with others and much, much more.

All of these products are created to remove overwhelm and the mystery of social media marketing, so that you can really focus on the needle moving activities of your business and have time to do the things you love to do.